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With more than 11 years offering hacking services to the general public in without restrictions, immediatelyhacker today has the pride of being the possibly the oldest hacker group in the world that is still active.

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We offer any type of services you can think of.

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 Our Services

Smart Phone Monitoring

We have access to state of the art spyware which we can use to spy on both andriod or software devices.

Facebook Hacking Service

More than 2 Billion peoples use Facebook. It is now important meeting place for these peoples. Want to hack or recover Facebook from bad hackers? We can help you.

Computer Hacking

If you need to control a PC remotely then this is the service you need. Take control of your server system or the personal computer! This is not a malicious service but powerfull

Email Hacking

Lost password for Gmail,Yahoo,Corporate or other email accounts. We can recover it within 5 days!

Phone Hacking

Android or iPhone need to be hacked remotely. We can do it as fast as possible. You never need to install any kind app at all

Other Hacks

For other hacking service kindly contact us

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